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"About the best bio you'll find of [Poul Anderson] is at The Templeton Gate. Galen Strickland, the webmaster of Templeton Gate, is in the process of building a useful, critical site." - James Patrick Kelly, On the Net: Mastery,, Issue 0511

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These are pages created by others I know or have encountered on various bboard sites, as well as a couple of sites more personal to me. I will add others as I discover them if I think they may be of interest to those who visit this site.

Absolutely Pointless - the homepage of tek ni, one of the most active participants on the forums and a contributor of reviews here as well. He has also been known as "ekt" and "teknomage" over the years.

The Art of Loveta Strickland - this is a site I did to showcase my mother's art.

The Bed and Breakfast on White Rock Creek - the website for the B&B Inn owned and operated by my brother Dana and his wife Retha.


General Information

Ansible - created and maintained by David Langford, is an online (originally a printed fanzine I believe) publication concerning news of the SF world, literature, media, and fandom activities.

BookFinder.Com - Find that elusive out of print book. Not an online seller, but a clearing-house of information from thousands of U.S. and international bookstores.

The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction - The first two editions are out of print, with the third now available online, and it is still being updated. Editors are John Clute, Peter Nicholls, David Langford and Graham Sleight.

Ex Libris - A book review page compiled by Will Duquette and others. There are sections for genres other than SF as well. I recently found this one through a link at

Fantastic Fiction is another bibliographic database, which claims to have listings of over two thousand authors of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

Index to Science Fiction Anthologies and Collections -know the name of a story but not the author, or vice versa? Peruse this database of anthologies and single author collections to find what you're looking for. Limited to titles published before 1984 (Later entries in the Locus Index below).

The Internet Speculative Fiction Database - perhaps the most comprehensive online collection of information concerning author bibiliographies, magazine contents, and statistical listings of SF & Fantasy stories available.

Locus Online - your one-stop for all that's news in the SF and Fantasy genres. It was honored by fans a few years back with the first ever Hugo award for Best SF Website.

The Locus Index to Science Fiction - continues the Anthologies and Collection database (three entries above) to cover the years after 1984. You can search by author, or title of book, or title of individual story.

The Science Fiction Awards Database - a comprehensive listing of speculative fiction awards, searchable by author name, or by award name. Continually updated, including some recent additions of lesser known, even no longer existing, awards.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) - a professional organization of published genre writers. Contains general information on the Nebula Awards and other activities sponsored by the group, although there are sections of the site accessible only to members.

Science Fiction Resource Guide - more information than the other bibliography sites, aimed at those interested in more scholarly research.

Scifan - groups SF titles into sub-categories such as Military, Robots, Time Travel, etc., so readers can find books related to ones they already like.

World Science Fiction Society - organizes the yearly World Science Fiction conventions (Worldcon) and administers the nominations, voting process, and presentation of the Hugo Awards.

Specific Author Sites

I will be adding to this list as essays about various writers and book reviews are added; Any for which I have not found a good site I suggest you check the above links for Alpha Ralpha Boulevard or the Science Fiction Resource Guide:

The Official Brian W. Aldiss Webpage - maintained by Jim Goddard with strong ties to Aldiss himself. There is quite a bit of free reading available of his short stories, poems, and essays, along with critical works written by other fans.

Roger MacBride Allen's website is a simple one, but does contain a lot of useful information, including an excerpt from his most recent novel, The Depths of Time.

Unfortunately, there is no official (or even unofficial) Poul Anderson presence on the net, but here are a couple of pages I've found: A brief bio at and a tribute by William Tenn.

The Asimov Homepage is a very good site with lots of info, bibliographies and other links., the official web presence of Paolo Bacigalupi.

A semi-official J. G. Ballard page:, as well as - a page that has most everything you need to know about this remarkable author.

David Brin's Official Webpage. - the official site for this relatively new author.

Hatrack River - official site of Orson Scott Card.

As official as we're likely to get for the late great Arthur C. Clarke. Another site that endeavors to continue the work he did in his writings is The Arthur C. Clarke Foundation., home of the author of The Hunger Games and other Young Adult titles.

Samuel R. Delany does not have an offical website, although I think one is under construction. Until then, he does have a Facebook page. is a very comprehensive page devoted to this idiosyncratic writer, with a multitude of links to other related pages.

Ellison Webderland - maintained by Rick Wyatt, this site presents a comprehensive overview of Harlan's career, with news updates, plenty of photos, and a very good interview with HE concerning art vs. technology., the official Philip Josť Farmer Home Page.

Lynn Flewelling's WordPress Blog.

The David Gerrold Homepage, maintained by the author of such landmark SF novels as When Harlie Was One, The Man Who Folded Himself, the War Against the Cthorr series, and his latest trilogy The Dingilliad.

The Heinlein Society. Nuff said. This is the one to start with on all your online searches concerning THE GRAND MASTER.

The Robert A. Heinlein Homepage. The page's creator, James Gifford, is the author of the Hugo-nominated Robert A. Heinlein: A Reader's Companion, which can be ordered through his site or from - unfortunately a relatively inactive Heinlein site, although there is still a lot of info. They have an extensive list of other RAH links, book reviews, a database of book covers, essays about his work, and news of interest to his fans. They also were gracious enough to provide a link to The Templeton Gate, so it is obvious they have good taste.

A page on Frank Herbert - you would think there would be a better overall site for this author, but most of the rest are just merchandising machines for the Dune phenomenon.

E. E. Knight's official website concerning his award-winning book series of The Vampire Earth., homepage of the author of Hugo and Nebular winner Ringworld among many others.

Not much available on Edgar Pangborn, but here's an interesting blog page with a review of Davy and scans of other book covers by Randy Johnson (Not the Baseball Pitcher). - official site for the author of the His Dark Materials trilogy.

Kim Stanley Robinson's web presence. - official site of the author of the Callahan's Bar series of stories, along with The Free Lunch. - official site of Robert J. Sawyer, author of the Hugo Award-winning Hominids.

The Quasi-Official Robert Silverberg Homepage, maintained by Jon Davis, contains a vast array of information dealing with all aspects of this prolific author's career.

The Clifford Simak Fan Site has links to bibliographies and cover art for most of this Grand Master's career, as well as pages devoted to Simak's hometown of Millville, Wisconsin. - official site of the author of the Hyperion Cantos, the Endymion sequence, and the Illium/Olympus duet, among many others. - fairly new site created by Rosana Hart, Smith's oldest daughter, with comprehensive links to story discussions, a photo gallery, and a guestbook for his multitude of fans.

Norman Spinrad's Homepage - maintained by the writer himself, although he is currently undergoing treatments for cancer. A wealth of information on his career, including a bibliography, a short biography, as well as several pages of stories and articles not available anywhere else. Be sure to click on the index link.

James Tiptree, Jr. page - with several articles, scans of book covers, and related links. - finally John Varley has his own official site, with stories and essays, along with a biography and bibliography.

Official site of Connie Willis, author of (among many others) Doomsday Book.

Robert Charles Wilson - author of the Hugo-winning Spin.

A Gene Wolfe page - very good site created by Paul Duggan to highlight his interest in the works of Gene Wolfe, with cross references to other authors who either influenced Wolfe or who were influenced by him.


Science: - Site of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Ca., where most of NASA's planetary probes are conceived and controlled. Comprehensive picture archive from these probes as well as from the Hubble Space Telescope.

The Lunar Institute of Technology - a forum for the discussion of various proposals for future space and oceanic exploration.

Sea and Sky - Information database on space and oceanic exploration. - another good space mission site, but they also have news and reviews of SF books, films, and TV as well.



Penny Arcade - One of the funniest web-comics you'll ever read.

PvP - Scott Kurtz' web-comic surrounding the misadventures at a video game publication; it used to be on par with PA, but has gone into a decline as of late. . .still worth a peek, though. - The site of what used to be The Sci-Fi Channel, and I wish they'd go back to the old name (and get back to emphasizing SF more). It is the definitive site for info on their TV schedule, but there are also links to news items concerning SF media events as well as science and tech developments.

TV - exactly what it says. Television listings online, as well as articles also featured in the magazine.

Hulu - watch your favorite shows from NBC, ABC and FOX online shortly after their initial broadcast (although they don't stay on there forever), plus some other classic shows.


Films: - The definitive resource for news regarding Peter Jackson's films based on J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" trilogy and the upcoming two-part adaptation of The Hobbit.

aint-it-cool-news - I'm sure I don't have to tell you about this one.

Coming Attractions - Now a part of cinescape-online, this is a constantly updated information database on films in production or merely rumored.

Dark Horizons - Much like ain't it cool news but without all the hype.

The Internet Movie Database - a mind-boggling array of facts about almost any movie or television series you could think of, along with dossiers on actors and production personnel. - This is a personal webpage from a guy I encountered on the Prodigy Films Community bboard. I think he is just as astute a film reviewer as any other you are likely to find, and it is obvious he is Obsessed About Movies.



Do you have a link to suggest? Let us know at the Templeton Gate Forums or email me.


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